“The two most important decisions we make every day are what we put in and on our body.”




MEW is Matthew Edward Weinberg

My name is Matt and I’ve been drawing all my life. As a toddler, the way my folks would get me to stay still in restaurants was by handing me a pen and paper.

Today, I still get happily surprised when I walk into a cafe that has paper tablecloths!

As a kid, I was very creative and invented my own comics with a full cast of characters. I gave them names, pets, families, and jobs. I drew them in different scenes and made up stories about their lives. My dream as a young adult was to become a cartoonist.

As a way of fulfilling this dream, I accidentally became a street artist. I’d draw my characters on street signs and random surfaces that I found in my hometown of Los Angeles, California. Today, I’m mostly known for drawing on American currency since it’s the ultimate protest medium. I grew up in Beverly Hills, down the street from the legendary Sunset Strip.

My influences come from iconic rock and roll various venues such as The Troubadour and The Roxy to historical watering holes like The Rainbow and The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Los Angeles is magical and it’s my home. I hope to translate that magic into my art and share my passion with the rest of the world, a little piece of my heart.